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Standard Room(Main Building) 580RMB
Standard Room (East District) 380 RMB
Junior Suite RMB 980
Premier Suite 1280 RMB
Family Suite 1680 RMB
Villa 10000 RMB

Sauna RMB68 Include Turkey bath, ice room, sauna, knead and watching movies drawing room.
Rubdown with a damp towel RMB58
Rubdown with salt RMB48
Rubdown with milk RMB48
Have the seaweed mud RMB58
Remove horniness RMB58
Honey RMB48
Pedicure RMB58
Nip the feet RMB48
foot scraper RMB48
cupping RMB48
走 罐 RMB48
刮 痧 48元/位 45分钟
Head Massage RMB 80 45 Minutes
Foot Massage RMB 80 45 Minutes
Chinese Herb Foot Massage RMB118 60 Minutes
Traditional Chinese Massage RMB138 45 Minutes
经络按摩 168元/位 45分钟
Japanese Massage RMB198 45 Minutes
Thai Massage RMB288 45 Minutes
淋巴排毒 388元/位 60分钟
Hawaii Massage RMB688 90 Minutes
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